The 5 best webcams for Youtube and Twitch 2020

Best webcams for twitch and youtube in 2020. Here are my list of the best cams to buy if you are starting a stream or just wanna record videoes. Scroll to the end to see what I am using myself.

best webcams for twitch and youtube

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Here are the best webcams for Twitch and Youtube 2020

1.Logitech StreamCam1080p60 FPS78
2.AVerMedia PW5104K/1080p25/60 FPS94
3.Logitech Brio4K/1080p30/60 FPS90
4.Razer Kiyo1080p30 FPS82
5.Logitech c920s Pro1080p30 FPS78

Lets take a look at the best webcams for Twitch and Youtube

best webcams for twitch and youtube

1. Logitech Streamcam

The Logitech StreamCam is the newest and most advanced webcam from logitech.

Logitech StreamCam specs.
Resolution:  1080p
FOV: 78 degrees

The first thing I did was immediately do a side by side in OBS with my C920s and this one and the StreamCam is a massive improvement in picture quality. The fact that it has a smaller FOV than the Brio is a little disappointing, but it was something that wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

The focus is a much needed upgrade over previous models and the software was relatively easy to use prior to opening the camera up in OBS. It should probably be about 20-30 dollars cheaper, but it’s definitely a big upgrade from the cheaper and older webcams.

This is one of the best webcams for Twitch and Youtube that you can get right now.

Get the best price here: Logitech StreamCam
best webcams for twitch and youtube

2. AVerMedia PW510

The AVerMedia PW510 is soon gonna overtake the webcam industry with this little baby.

AVerMedia PW510 specs.
Resolution:  4K/1080p
FPS: 25/60 FPS
FOV: 94 degrees

It’s a bit bulky but hey there is a lot a of tech in that little box.

With precision engineered high quality 4K optics that seamlessly interact with the onboard image sensor, they are able to accurately harness light and help you bring outstanding 4K video imagery and life-like content to your streams.

Probably the best webcam for Twitch and Youtube, but you cant get it yet and the price is gonna be high. 

Check it out here: AVerMedia PW510
best webcams for twitch and youtube

3. Logitech Brio

The Logitech Brio is a real 4K webcam and perfect for those wide angle shots on a professional stream.

Logitech Brio specs.
Resolution:  4K/1080p
FPS: 30/60 FPS
FOV: 90 degrees

– Camera is simple to install and uses a durable USB type C to USB 3.0 cord (which gives it the power and transfer speed to make a webcam record at 4k 30fps or 1080p at 60fps).
– You MUST have a USB 3.0 port on your computer in order to use the 4k features since a lot of people seem to not understand how it works (and yes it’s compatible with USB 2.0 ports but everything is backwards compatible, you just won’t be able to use all of it’s power).
– The software is a little wonky, and I’ll add that part in the CONS section, but it’s simple to use, easy to tinker settings, and having low light compensation lowers your fps rate so leave that UNCHECKED for full 60fps.
– Comes with a nice cover clip to attach on top to close the camera for privacy just in case you’re not using it.
– Plug and play, easy to use, has a nice weight to give it a premium feel and look.

The best 4k webcam for Twitch and Youtube that you can get right now.

Get the best price here: Logitech Brio
ringlight webcam

4. Razer Kiyo

The Razer Kiyo is a funny little thing, not the best webcam but still okay and it comes with a ring light.

Razer Kiyo specs.
Resolution: 1080p
FOV: 82 degrees

Razer knows gaming, and who else better to buy from when it comes to your streaming devices?

Camera Quality: For a company that makes gaming accessories, I was surprised. The quality of camera footage is amazing, grants an HD scene for you and your stream. Sweet features as software and the ability to apply filters to my streaming device makes essential for the streamer in poor lighting. I also need to mention that the software works with multiple Razer gear, and can all uniquely work together. If you wanna fast forward to modern streaming, this is the camera for you.

Auto Focus: Essential and necessary. No one’s got the time to focus your camera *every* time you move around. This is not only essentially, but almost a normal way to get around streaming/recording for this mouse. Doing tutorials, making a video message for work and more, you’ll want auto focus for when you move around.

Picture Quality: this is as good, if not better, than some phones out on the market. In the right room, you can really see the quality in your gear. This Camera does not fall short to giving you an almost 4k experience in streaming. You will see yourself for the first time using this.

Get the best price here: Razer Kiyo
best budget webcam

5. Logitech c920s

The Logitech c920s pro is one of the most popular webcams out there, it’s an old model but if you have a little lighting it still produces great picture quality.

Logitech c920s specs.
Resolution: 1080p
FOV: 82 degrees

I have had this cam for years now and I’m really still happy with it, it does exactly what a streamer needs. I have bought a newer and more expensive webcam now but i still use this for travel and as a 2nd view on my streams.

Great webcam that takes crisp clean videos even at 1080p 30fps and 1080p 60fps. You have to get different software to get it to run at 60fps and your computer has to be able to handle the load that is placed on the processor. I did a few test pictures and videos and I was impressed with the quality.

Sound is decent but you have to sit close to the webcam to get a clear sound, it does do stereo sound. I bought a cheap mic to solve that problem. Only thing missing is a lens cover to protect the glass from dust and impact. You can go to the logitech website and download their software if you want to record quick webcam videos or download other software such as OBS which is free.

This is one of the best webcams for Twitch and Youtube that you can get right now.

Get the best price here: Logitech c920s

My own streaming setup

For a Pro setup like the big YouTubers, you would need to get something like this:

Camera: Sony a5100  

Capture card: Elgato cam link 

Cable to source: Micro HDMI to HDMI

Continues charge: Dummy battery.

It gives streaming a whole new level of quality but the price is also higher than a normal webcam. The above setup is what I am running right now and the mic is a Samson q2u a really good mic for streaming and podcasts that have USB and XLR. 


Hope you can use my little guide of best webcams for Twitch and Youtube 2020

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